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Marine Biology – A Very Short Introduction – Philip Mladenov

My new book on Marine Biology is available now

A solid understanding of the principles of marine biology—the study of how oceanic organisms live and interact with each other and their environment—has taken on added importance and urgency in the 21st century as we struggle to understand and manage the human-caused changes that are taking place in our oceans. We need to first understand the science in order to make good decisions about how we should go about restoring the health and resilience of our oceans. It is thus heartening that many people worldwide, from all walks of life, are showing a heightened interest in the science of marine biology, and are seeking a greater understanding of human impacts on the oceans and the actions we need to take to protect and restore them.

The 2nd edition of my book Marine Biology, published in March 2020, aims to contribute to this auspicious trend by providing a readable, up-to-date, and informative introduction to the oceanic environment and the nature of life in the oceans. Marine Biology is a title in the Very Short Introductions (VSI) book series published by the Oxford University Press that provides concise introductions to a wide range of subjects in a digestible format for a wide and diverse audience.

The 2nd edition of Marine Biology is a fully updated edition of the original published in 2013. It incorporates new developments and exciting discoveries in marine biology that have taken place since then, including new information on the important role of microbes in marine systems, the dynamics of kelp bed collapse, the current state and future of coral reef ecosystems, the current status of marine fisheries, and the role of marine protected areas in ocean restoration. Throughout the book I analyse the impacts of human activities on the oceans and discuss the actions required to restore ocean ecosystems. I include a new final chapter providing an aspirational vision for the state of our oceans in 2050.

I wrote the book to be accessible to a wide readership, including students and researchers new to the field of marine biology, but also to intellectually curious readers among the general public who would like a balanced and engaging introduction to the subject.

I am pleased to say that the book has been getting some excellent endorsements:

“Dipping a toe into any chapter of this Very Short Introduction is like diving into the complex, wonderful world of ocean life. You’re quickly and fully immersed in every topic”

Professor Stephen Palumbi, Stanford University

“Authoritative yet tender, this is a first-rate introduction to the mysteries of life in the ocean—and a glimpse of how that life is changing as humans damage the very chemistry of the sea around us”

Alanna Michell, author of Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis

The updated 2nd edition of Marine Biology is available in print and as an ebook from all major booksellers.

Marine Biology as an educational resource

Marine Biology is also available online as an easily discoverable and accessible platform for educational institutions allowing students, academics, and librarians to use it as a learning resource. In this format it is fully searchable, allowing multiple students to read assigned chapters or the whole book and extract references as required.

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Audiobook format

An audiobook version of Marine Biology by Recorded Books is in preparation A password-protected PDF containing the images from the book will be made available with each purchase so that these can be reviewed as you listen to the audiobook.